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I will soon be switching to HD service from Time Warner Cable.  Right now I 'rent' my DVR from them.  Instead of paying them monthly for the cable box + DVR...what are the pros and cons of buying my own HD DVR?  Does anyone else use their own HD cable box/DVR with Time Warner?  If so, can you recommend where to get a good one (Tivo, etc...)?  Thanks.

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Time Warner may or may not let you use your own device, depending on which region you live in.  I recommend you call 1-888-TWCABLE and confirm with them that you are able to use your own device in your area.  Additionally most TWC areas are transferring to a switched digital format so if you plan on hooking up your own device without their permission and just use it for unencrypted channels you will find that all your channels will disappear very soon.  Just a heads up.  As for which device to go with, the industry standard in TIVO and generally the most user freindly.

How technical are you?  There are a lot of great solutions out there if you have a geeky streak. I.E.
I have a Series3 TiVo with FIOS service.  Verizon doesn't have a clue how they work...they made a truck roll just to "install" the tuner card.  I had to do everything, including make a new patch cable from the ONT to the internal router.

Amazon has a good deal on the "HD" model for $219, which is $30 cheaper than buying from Tivo directly.  Search for Tivo TCD652160.  Ordering ours soon, before the price changes.

Then, we'll get another Verizon truck to roll, so the tech can hand deliver the card, and say, "I've never seen one of _these_ before."

Just call TWC and ask what they charge for a CableCard.  Also, ask if they have a multi-tuner card that works with Tivo, or if you need two single-tuner cards for your 2-tuner Tivo.
If it's unencrypted HD that you want to record, you can do that with a PC, an ATSC tuner card that's clear-QAM capable, and software like BeyondTV.  Otherwise, the Series 3 Tivo is a good ready-out-of-the-box solution.
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