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Im new to server 2003 been trying to setup activate directory for over a week been having dns issues but i have finally resolved this. When I enter the domain name and click on ok I get a
domain name change pasword box asking me to enter username and password.

Which username am i suppose to insert? I have tried the username and password i have created from active directory but this doesn't work i get "login failure unknown username of password"  I have tried the  administrator username and password but none of them work. Am sure i have set the user up propery becasue If I was to log off server 2003 and then try logging back in again with the username i created earlier it works fine. The same applies with
admin username and password.
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Ok, hopefully this is quite simple - When you created the computer object, and specified an account that can join it to the domain, all you've done is grant that user account permissions to do so.

However, the user account still needs to be authenticated properly before it can even attempt to be used to add the computer to the domain:

The bit that caught my eye in your recent post, was that when you go to log on using this account, you're prompted to change your password - this indicates that your password has either expired, or been set to require a change at next logon - This will stop the account authenticating, as it has no current valid password.

So, log on to the server using your account or something (or any domain PC/server if you have any that are already on the domain?). If not just use the DC - Ensure that you change your password, and that you see the message telling you that the password change has completed successfully.

Then you can log off the server. Now try adding the PC again, using that same account but with the NEW password you just set.

As the account now has that password, it can successfully authenticate (provided the details are entered correctly of course) and in turn, should be allow to join that PC to the domain.

Give that a try and let me know how you get on?

Instead of just typing in the name of the domain and joining it like you would change workgroup or computer name use the Wizard.  It will give you a few more questions and help the process go easier.  That may solve your problem if not let us know.

Make sure Primary DNS is the Domain controller or you'll be having trouble.
The username and password is for the Domain.

Your user account must have permissions to Create Computer objects in the Computers container.
By default this is only Domain Administrators.

Make sure that the account you are using has the correct permissions.

Also try the username by UPN
instead of just "jdoe"

This way you are explictly using the account that you want, not letting any logic decide if you meant a local account, or account in some other domain.
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.

The best thing to do, is to manually create the Computer object in Active Directory for the computer you're trying to add.

So within AD, find an OU you want the computer object to reside in. Right-click > New > Computer, and give the object EXACTLY the same name the computer itself has. On the same screen, you'll see an option to change what account has permissions to join this computer to the domain.

As said above, the default is simply the domain admins group. Change this to your own account (or whatever account you're using, and then finish the process.

Now the object already exists, you can join the computer to the domain, and when prompted, ensure you enter <DomainName>\<UserName> (where <UserName> is the user you specified earlier when creating the object).

If you're still having problems after, you may want to have a look at DNS - It's possible the client isn't able to locate the account you're using in AD because of a DNS failure somewhere.

So ensure that your client is pointing to your Domain Controller for DNS, and not your ISPs DNS or something like that... Also check the Domain Controller itself is pointing to it's own IP address from DNS as well... DNS can cause a whole mass of different problems if not set up correctly...

Anyway, let us know how you get on!


jassie78Author Commented:
Hi Guys,

Thanks for the replies but am still having logon problems

 PeteJThomas: I have tried what you suggested by created a object for the computer am trying to add.
I went into Active Directory Users and computers, clicked on Computers folder in the left panel. Right clicked on the right panel and created a new computer. Named it Exactly how the computer name is set on the (client1).  changed the user or group from Default:Domain Admins to:-


I also have my self created in the users folder.
The weird thing is I know the username and passwords are correct for my user and admin user
becasue If i was to logon to the server  as my self then I would get change password on log but I didn't bother and escaped becasue am try  connect my client to domain.

I have tried the logging in the way you stated  "Now the object already exists, you can join the computer to the domain, and when prompted, ensure you enter <DomainName>\<UserName> (where <UserName> is the user you specified earlier when creating the object)." This actually brought up a totally different message, something to do with incorrect paramters.

I don't have DNS issues anymore, last week I was getting the dns errors as soon as I entered the domain " home.local" and i had to check errors in dc diag "DNS name does not exist" but that has now
been resolved becasue I get the logon box pop up.

The DNS is point at the Server ip address on the prefered dns and not point at the isp dns.
Up until yesterday i had it pointing to the isp dns and hence why i had DNS name doesn't exist.

jassie78Author Commented:
PeteJThomas: - Thanks for the quick replys. The last reply was spot on. I logged out of the server 2003
logged in with my username, password and then the server asked me to change password.

I went back to my client1 and entered the domain name " home.local" the logon box popped up.
Entered my username and the new password I changed when I logged onto the server 2003.

Restarted pc and and logged into the domain successfully.

Thanks alot Pete :)
jassie78Author Commented:
Resolved Thanks.
You're welcome! And thanks for the points. :)

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