Quickbooks data recovery

I am trying to salvage data on a dying hard drive. The back up has been failing so we have no good backup of the quick books databases. What i am trying to find out since i cannot copy many files at a time is what files have the critical data to transfer from the old hard drive to the new. Thanks in advance.
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Actually, you only need the .QBW or .QBB  (working file or backup file) Just make sure you have file extensions turn on  for your system or you may end up with the wrong version of the .QBW file.    
Unless they have changed in the last 2 versions, files you need are .QBW and .QBI files that match your company name(s). In my case, they are WILLCOMP.QBW and WILLCOMP.QBI. Files are located in C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks folder.
Provided there is a .QBB file (backup file), It will only be as current as date backed up whereas .QBW file will be current.
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