Kyocera Mita FS-C5030N

Connected to Windows  7 - 64bit. Printer drivers downloaded from Kyocera. Device not seen when networked with RJ45 cable. Card on back of printer has two Green lights on Network port. Printer connected to 5 port switch. When networked cannot ping. Closed firewall software and disconnected from internet. Also tried on USB. Printer can print a status page from panel.
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CompLocalConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Update have left the rj45 in and connected to a USB and the USB has now detected the printer and allowed me to print?????
MCSA2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:
A couple things to check. First double check that the ip address and subnet mask match your network scheme. Once this has been verified, remove the device from your network by disconnecting the patch cable from the wall. If you have a laptop, statically assign a ip address that is in your current network to the LAN connection of the laptop. For example, if your network scheme is setup as 192.168.1.X and the copier is set to assign your LAN adapter any address in that scheme except for (because that is the ip of the printer) with a subnet of Now try to ping the printer. If you get a reply there is something wrong with the wall socket, or wiring. If you get a time out try a new patch cable between your laptop and the copier to rule it out as being bad. If that does not work I would look at having the NIC card of the copier swapped out.
senadConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First make sure that you are using the right x64 drivers.
Second,make sure you have in Network And Sharing Center
settings like the ones in the picture (see the pic).
Third,make sure Firewall or some other security suite is not blocking the connection.
Fourth,make sure your device is 'visible' in the 'Devices and Printers' page.
Fifth,make sure (from the mentioned page) you can print a test page.

That is somehow basic....

Networked printer usually gets assigned its IP automatically by the router.
If not,then you must assign it manually.
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can you test it on another pc - it may just be bad...
Can you ping the IP address?
The RJ45 jack on the back of those small Kyocera printers are usually loose, they don't make full contact with the pins on the patch cable that is plugged into it. I have had to install the optional NIC in the expansion slot in several to remedy this. You might just try to see if yours has room to wiggle and if so, try to push or prop the patch cable so it makes better contact with the pins in the NIC.
CompLocalAuthor Commented:
Have checked through Network and sharing and setup as senad had suggested. When I switch the printer on it calibrates and goes to Ready. On my switch the port it is connected to does show up Green. So have swapped cable for another. Plugged into another port on switch connected another device to the original printer port and the Green light comes on the switch.

Network Status

IP: manually assigned within range to 192.......
Subnet: same as Workgroup
Gateway same as Workgroup
DHCP is off

Restarted printer after changes made.

Oh have 'wiggled cbale on back of NIC no difference
BootTP: off
CompLocalAuthor Commented:
EDIT: On my switch the port it is connected to does show up Green. It doesn't show up when printer is plugged in to switch and on.
On your Windows 7 Box, did you choose Public as the Network type?
If so, that is what is wrong, make sure to choose Private Home or Business to connect.

I saw you had your firewall down, but please check the Network Location Type.

+Jason Green
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