Taking too long for exchange to sync changes

When creating mailboxes or making changes to mailboxes, its taking hours before the changes go into effect. How can I change the interval for exchange to update? Also, how can I force a manual sync so that the exchange servers sync instantaneously?
Running exchange 2003
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tusharnextgenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If it  happen when you create mailbox. We need to know
1. How many domains and how many dc you have and
2. How many sites and exchange servers you have

If it is simple 2 DC environement you need to check replication between the DC is happening or not.
run dcdiag and netdiag to see if you have any ad replication issue.

If two DC are in different sites then check the site link cost and bandwidth between two sites.

Each site must have there local GC.

AD Replication monitor Tool Replmon

Exchange Server 2003 and Active Directory

Conclusion : if you solve AD replication issue your exchange issue will be solved automatically

What's your AD site and domain structure like? Sounds like RUS (Recipient Update Service) may not be running regularly enough for your needs. You may need to add another instance of RUS or increase the amount of time that it runs especially if you have multiple AD sites.

The Recipient Update Service Uncovered
What exactly do you mean by "changes", if you are in real hurry restart Information Store Service for immediate effect or you need to wait for upto 2 hours due to cache and intervals involved.
Refer a sample: http://www.nitingupta.in/articles/exchange2003/Exchange2003_New_User_Not_in_GAL.asp
Let me know
Nitin Gupta (gupnit)
KratosDefenseAuthor Commented:
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