Using SSI on Network Solutions Windows Hosting plan

I just moved some files over to Network Solutions to a Windows plan.   I have a bunch of html files that previously incorporated server-side includes (SSI).   They said they don't support it but I can somehow put some data into a web.config file but wouldn't give me much more detail.

Does anyone have any advice on how to allow .html files to process include files using web.config?   I don't want to change several hundred .html files to .shtml due to search engines pointing people into the wrong direction.
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Springy555Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want to keep your .html extensions, you will need to ask the web host to add this extension to the list of files scanned for includes (such as shtml etc).  You probably won't have much luck though, as there would be a performance hit if every .html file is scanned across the webserver each time its called.

It may be possible to add these to a web.config, however you will need to change your page extensions to .asp.  Web.config's aren't read unless they are processed through the .net framework, which only happens with certain mapped extensions such as asp, aspx etc.  HTML extensions are just served raw, no processing done on server side.

To keep your search engine links, you will need to use something like URL ReWrite module, which could automatically modify requests from html to shtml when called.  Again your host may or may not support this.

Failing all of the above, you may need to change host!
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