Jboss 5 CacheManager not getting bound to JNDI

I am trying to get the Jboss CacheManager service going.

From looking at the console, I do see that it is deployed.  However, I am getting this:

javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: CacheManager not bound

I check the Jboss console's JNDIView service and do not see any "CacheManger" listed even though the same console shows the CacheManager service as deployed.

Since the CacheManager configuration is under the "deploy/cluster" directory, do I have to deploy some special JNDI service?

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langal7Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
got it deployed by copying over some more files over from the jboss/all to my own node.
langal7Author Commented:
Thx for  the links.  I'll take a look at the pdf.

It's not an EJB that I am trying to use but the CacheManager service that comes bundled with JBoss 5.

The service is configured in the default "jboss-cache-manager-jboss-beans.xml" file which comes with JBoss so I doubt there is something wrong wiith that file.  This is the JNDI element:

<property name="jndiName">java:CacheManager</property>

Here is the lookup in my persistence.xml file:

<property name="hibernate.cache.region.jbc2.cachefactory" value="java:CacheManager"/>

As aforementioned, the service is deployed according to the console, just no JNDI name is bound.

langal7Author Commented:
Here is my jboss-cache-manager-jboss-beans.xml

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