Norton Ghost: Disk to Partition and vice-versa


I have used GHOST since 1999 and i remembered that in  year 2000  i ever did a ghosting of disk image to a hard disk partition.

But in Ghost ver 8.2 i couldn't find that option anymore.

Just a quick question, does Ghost ver 15 provides this option for ghosting from disk to partition and vice-versa?

Thanks in advance and appreciate for the replies

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You sure can using Nortons Ghost version 15.

If you boot up with Nortons Ghost version 15, you can restore an image to a partition. Difference is this time you need to enter the product code before it lets you do it.

Can also be done with the installed version.
I believe you cannot do it. Ghost transfers disk to disk or disk to image, or partition to partition or partition to image.
just-sradAuthor Commented:
Actually, i use the GHOST v11 . It works.

Thanks everyone for the feedback!

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