General failure the url was: the system cannot find the file specified

I started with Windows XP , Office 2007 and IE....   Firefox was not installed nor ever was.   I did install it though to do the HKEY classes root\firefox\ddexec\ regsitry value clearing ideas as found on the net.
2.  Next I did the IE reset all zones to default security levels.
3.  Next I made Firefox default browser and switched IE back to default and reopened all and tried again .
4.  Next I let firefox be default, opened all and tried again .
5.  Next I did an expert Exch suggestion of registering urlmon.dll and several other dll's with regsvr32.  
6.  Google toolbar for IE is installed but diabled in IE as an add on.  I dont think goodle add on for firefox is installed.
7.  Went to Ctrl Panel , folder options, file types, unchecked DDE from all http associations of any kind.

None of thjis is working.

Ultimate goal.  Get IE to stop doing this.   I think maybe once before I had to do a repair install of office 2007 to clear this.   But this is a remote situation and I dont have the disk handy at the moment.

So , I wanted to see how the registry might be involved as I am convinced it is the culpret someway somehow.
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bhamguy3131Author Commented:
I fixed myself.  Do a repair install of office 2007 and forget all that crap on the net I listed above.

Close out the question.  No points.
When do you get this message? What program?
bhamguy3131Author Commented:
It is in Outlook when reading a mail.   Specifically , a mail that has a hyperlink you can click on .

As soon as you click the link , you get the error and the page opens a few seconds later.  

It just a huge nuisance more than a real problem.  

You can click Okay and the error goes away
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Is it for one user/computer only? if so:
First try this: Close Outlook, click Start->Run, type Outlook /cleanprofile
If that doesn't do the trick then recreate the Outlook profile. Profile corruption is the source of many strange behaviours in Outlook.
You may first want to save away the address cache (the .nk2 file) which contains the addresses the user has prevoiusly sent successfully. You find the .nk2 file here (XP):
C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
(Vista: C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook)
If you do not know how to recreate a profile:
After recreating the profile you can restore the .nk2 file to the same location assuming you used the same name for the new Outlook profile.
bhamguy3131Author Commented:
already did the clean profile thing.  I can try the new profile option.  I am well versed in all of this.
bhamguy3131Author Commented:
I was hoping maybe to get someone to comment who had actually fixed this and knew precisely what to do  
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