Error No Windows Terminal Server Name is set up in Business Portal purchasing

We have GP 9.0 with the associated business portal installed. One of the managers now wants to configure the purchasing tab on the portal. Currently when you try to create a purchase order, you get the above error. Doing some investigation on the config, it would appear that this wants to be handed off to a terminal server with an application loaded onto it.

Can anyone point me to a document or resource that can list out the config process for this? I have checked on CustomSource, but as usual it is like wading through molasses.
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Steve EndowMicrosoft MVP - Dynamics GPCommented:

On the Business Portal 3.0 for GP 9 CD (or .iso file if you downloaded it), there is a Documentation subdirectory.

In the Documentation directory, there is a PDF called BusinessPortalInstallation.pdf.

Chapter 13 is "Terminal Services Setup".  I think this is what you are referring to.

Depending on what you are expecting this configuration to do, you may be disappointed.  It simply launches a Terminal Server client session to connect to a Terminal Server (where GP must be installed) and then launches GP so that the user can login to GP directly.

Here's the quick checklist from the PDF:

1) Install the Terminal Services client (included with Server 2003 Admin Tools Pack) on the web server.

2) Configure the Terminal Services server to work with Business Portal (as far as I can tell these settings would not be mandatory, but apparently they want to minimize dead connections)

    Admin Tools -> TS Config -> RDP-Tcp -> Action -> Properties
    Select Sessions tab
    Select Override user settings -> End Disconnected Session -> 1 minute
    Select Override user settings -> End Session when connection broken
3) Setup TS access in Business Portal

    Site Settings -> General -> Setup Back Office TS Access
    Select All Users will use IE through Windows TS
    Specify the Terminal Server to be used
    Type the path and filename for Dynamics GP in EXE + SET format (like your typical GP shortcut)
    Type the working directory for GP (the GP app directory)

Let me know if that was what you were looking for.


Steve Endow
Dynamics GP Certified Trainer
Dynamics GP Certified Professional

Ross_GAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick response. Sort of thought that might be the case with it asking for terminal services.
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