Serial no in MS Access report

How do i get the following serial no. in MS Access Report
1. XXX   a1    b1   c1
               a2   b2   c2
               a3   b3   c3
2. YYY    a1   b1   c1
               a2   b2   c2
3.  ZZZ   a1   b1   c1
               a1   b1   c1
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Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
Are you storing yoru SerialNumber somewhere in the database, or are you just looking for consecutive numbering of some sort (i.e. not based on data stored in your tables)?

If this is stored in the database, just build a Group based on the SerialNumber field, and add your various fields to that grouping level.

If this is not stored in the database, then you can add numbering to your query. The link below should show you how to do this:

your question isnt clear enough
can you explain in further detail what is it your'e trying to do?
Please give an actual example
Amitava_MukherjeeAuthor Commented:
Sl.No.    PM.      JobNo.    ClientName
1.          John     1001            ABCL
                            1091           RIL
                            2032           MISL
2.      Robert      1091           RIL
                            3033           TS
3.      Daniel       9999           MBL
                            1021            IIL
I want serial no only  group wise. As above, John have 3 rows but John appears only on top row . So we want serial no will populate only Project maneger's name wise not row wise.
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