How to get a list of modified, newly added files in SVN ?

How to get a list of all files in the working directory that have been modified and need to be committed to the repository, and also the list of files that have been newly added to the working directory and needs to be added to the repository ?
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Ah - try:

svn status
If you are using TortoiseSVN on a windows box:

*Right click on the folder in question.
*Select the TortoiseSVN menu
*Select "Check for modifications"

You'll get a complete list of files that are conflicted, non-versioned (needs to be added) or modified.

Read "Text status" to determine what state each file is in.

You can rightclick on files in the list and commit your changes/etc selectively.
puneetdudejaAuthor Commented:
I am using putty on Linux, and I need the svn command for this.
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