What is the best practise/infrastructuree to design and configure a redundancy file server

Am looking for a solution on how to structure a file server redundancy,
Note: if I can get a drawings it will be good.
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Of course SAN with RAID systems is the best infrastructure for file server.
But term "The Best" is depend on many aspect. Ex: Best for budget, Best for performance, security, etc.
I suggest OpenFiler.

With OpenFiler you can practise and simulate to build redudancy file server in VMware without the cost of SAN.
Andrej PirmanCommented:
If you have Active Directory topology, having 2 or more file servers inside your local AD domain, then DFS would be one of the best choices.
DFS (Distributed File System) does not only sync files and folders across all servers, but also distributes traffic among them, having the server nearest to the client respond first, so clients in location 1 will use server, which is nearest to them (if it responds), and will use server in location 2 only in case of location 1 failure.

The principle is that your users use \\shares not pointing to server, like this:

Read more here with instructions:
Unless you're a guru at OpenFiler I wouldn't try to make a redundant cluster with it. DFS as mentioned above should work or you can replicate to a stabdby server with DoubleTake or similar.
SeniAuthor Commented:
Good solutions
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