Unable to update free/busy information in Outlook 2007

I recently did a restore from tape backup of a users calendar.  Since then I am not able add appointments to their diary even though I have full access to their mailbox. I the "unable update free/busy information" message.

I have run the command to start Outlook with the /cleanfreebusy switch.  Outlook starts but a message comes up saying unable to update free/busy on server.

I then downloaded the MFCMapi tool and used the following procedure:

1.  Choose Session and Logon and Display Store Table
2.  Choose the Outlook profile you created
3.  Double click the Instance that starts with Mailbox -
4.  Expand Root  Mailbox
5.  Click on IPM_SUBTREE
6.  In the right window, if there is a property name of PR_FREEBUSY_ENTRYIDS, right click on it and choose Delete Property (if it exists here&it may not)
7.  Expand IPM_SUBTREE
8.  Click on Inbox
9.  In the right window, if there is a property name of PR_FREEBUSY_ENTRYIDS, right click on it and choose Delete Property
10.  Exit out of MAPI Editor.
11.  Rerun /cleanfreebusy on the mailbox.

After running the /cleanfreebusy switch I got the same "unable to update free/busy on server" message.  I then tried removing and re-adding the users mailbox from my Outlook profile and found I could again add meetings to their calendar, unfortunately later that day the situation reoccurred. Seems like the users mailbox is not communicating with my Exchange server properly, can anyone shed more light on this?

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carbonbaseAuthor Commented:
Problem here was that there was some corruption in the user's calendar (possibly a corrupted appointment) I archived out the users calendar and created them a new mailbox (not importing their old calendar).  I couldn't see a way to identify exactly which message was causing the corruption or where the corruption was.  

If anyone has any experience of pinpointing corrupt calendar items I would be glad to hear it?
Is it exchange 2003 or 2007?

May be help full for Exchange 2007 as well:

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Run Test EmailAutoconfiguration from oulook client machine and see if you get the valid urls for EWS.

See this Article and make sure the replica is set

If the users were migrated from Exchange 2003 then you will have to set replica for legacy admin group as well.
carbonbaseAuthor Commented:
Hi, I am using Exchange 2007 and Outlook 2007.  The user was originally migrated from Exchange 2003 a few months ago but did not experience any issues until I restored their calendar from backup a couple of days ago.  I only have this problem with one user in my organisation so I think the problem is specific to their mailbox.
do you have public folder store created on exchange 2007. If no then outlook /clean free/busy switch is of no use.
Because in exchange 2007 and outlook 2007 without public folder will check the free/busy information using availibility service and directly fetch information from respective private calendar of the mailbox user.

please try running following command. althought it may fix or may not.
Set-Mailbox <alias of the mailbox> -ApplyMandatoryProperties

Please delegate calendar permission to the user from outlook.
after that please try restarting Microsoft exchange mailbox assistant service which is hosted on mailbox server role.

What about from OWA can you see FB info in OWA.check with other users as well to chekc if they have the issues too.
carbonbaseAuthor Commented:
Hi tusharnextgen, we do have public folders set up and there is a system public folder on the Exchange server called: SCHEDULE + FREE BUSY

I'm not sure what you mean when you say "Please delegate calendar permission to the user from outlook"  please could you explain this further?
carbonbaseAuthor Commented:
I ran the Set-Mailbox <alias of the mailbox> -ApplyMandatoryProperties command against my user and got the following message:  "WARNING: The command completed successfully but no settings of '<domain/OU/mailbox user>' have been modified.
Can you verify that under SCHEDULE + FREE BUSY do you have subfolder for you OLd Exchange admin group or just for Exchange 2007.
Warning is ok that means -applymandatoryproperties are already present.

Q.1 Only you are not able to add appointment to the calendar of another user, Mailbox owner can do so ?
Ans : This would a permission issue. configure outlook profile for the user open outlook profile of theuser go to > Tools > Options >delegates add your name and give full permission on calendar i.e. editor.
you can try following command also.(but i guess you might have it already)
Add-MailboxPermission "usermailbox alias" -User "domainname\admaccount" -AccessRights FullAccess
After this please restart Microsoft exchange mailbox assistant service.

Q2. User i.e. calendar owner is also not able to add appointment in his own calednar ?
Ans : You may have to create new mailbox for this user. But before doing so create the .pst of the existing mailbox from outlook. Delete the mailbox use disable option from EMC 2007. Then create new mailbox. Please create it from exchange 2007 management console only. and import the .pst from outlook.
carbonbaseAuthor Commented:

I have two subfolders under SCHEDULE + FREE BUSY one for the Exchange Administrative Group and one for the First Administrative Group


myself and one other user have full access to the mailbox but neither of us are able to add meetings to the diary.  The user is able to add meetings to their own diary themselves.
1. This is not at all related to SCHEDULE + FREE BUSY because we are not speaking about free/busy information.

2. could you open outlook profile of the respective user right click on his calendar go to properties then click on permission tab are you able to see your account added and has permission ?

3. Also let me know how many calendars do you see in that particular users mailbox ?
carbonbaseAuthor Commented:
Default has the free/busy time permission

I have also added myself and the other user in with Editor rights.

The user has his calendar, and can view two other users calendars.
carbonbaseAuthor Commented:

I'm a bit confused by point 1 you make above.... The problem I'm having is that anytime someone tries to open an appointment already in the users diary or add a new one they get an error saying can't update free busy information....

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