MY SQL Server 2005 DB's have no .MDF file

These DB's were restored from SQL Server 2000 DB's and have got 3 files:

but there is no .MDF present.

Is there any way I can resolve this so I can attach and detach these DB's. Also will this be causing a performance hit? They all seem to be working fine.
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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Connect With a Mentor Billing EngineerCommented:
note: the database file endings do actually not matter, you can use ANY file extension when creating database/files.

I will presume, based on the endings, that:
.sys is the main database data file (PRIMARY filegroup)
.dt1 is a secondary file, possibly another filegroup (DT1 ...)
.ldf is the transaction log file.

you should be able to attach using the sp_attach_db stored procedure giving the 3 files
Probably the mdf file is located in another location.
right click on the database and choose properties.
Navigate to the files and find out the location of your mdf file
BradyExp1Author Commented:
Perfect. Attached using the .sys and it worked a treat.
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