How to setup and install Kerberose on windows 2008 server in mixed environment/mulit platform?

mixed environment includes openLDAP : 2.4.20, samba for the PDC operating in NTLM mode, and a MIT implementation of Kerberose version 5, aint no ActiveDirectory in this picture.

The problem is that linux, Mac OS and linux servers are authenticating correctly with MIT implementation of Kerberose version 5 but all windows clients are failing
clients are XP, Vista, Windows7, and W2K3 Server.  

Quickly how do u configure a W2K8 server in kerberose mode?

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itascendAuthor Commented:
ok is it normal that there has not been any response?
Jason WatkinsIT Project LeaderCommented:

Windows Server 2008 uses Kerberos by default.  In an configuration such as the one you have described Active Directory has to be a member of the organization.

Kerberos improvements in Windows 7/2008;
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