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I have configured  active directory "" domain along with integrated DNS for "" (Both Forward and reverse Zone). We have public domain with the same name as "" hosted at ISP. We had following enteries at our ISP public dns hoste at ISP.

Mail Exchange:

After configuration of Active Directory and  integrated DNS with same domain "" followying issues have been raised.

with integrated DNS, we are unable to access SMTP, POP and main web site e.g.". Integrated DNS is working fine for other public domains.

KIndly suggest a way forward how we can access publicly hosted enteries by using local integrated DNS e.g.,

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bluntTonyConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The problem is that your external namespace is the same as your internal.

Your internal DNS server is not referring queries to the ISP public DNS.

The easiest thing to do is to get the public IPs of the external addresses and manually add these entries into your internal DNS for and Add these simply as Host (A) records pointing to the external IP addreses.

Any internal user will not need to go out to the ISP DNS to get these addresses now, your DNS will be able to answer the queries.

to avoid this problem in future installation of windows, name you internal domain something different compared to you external public domain.  like abc.internal

ptmlAuthor Commented:
Proposed solution is already implemented and working as workaround.
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