Windows Search 4.0 + WSS 3.0 / Sharepoint

Some time ago I had a setup where Windows Search 4.0 had an extra button located next to Desktop/Web called WSS which gave an option to search interanl company's web site based on WSS 3.0/Sharepoint.

Unfortunately the server setup had undergone many changes and Im unable to get that setup back.

My understanding is that to active that extra search location i is necessary to edit Windows Search Administrator Template  under GPO.

I have edited it like so / Add primary Intranet Location:

My locale for the wss is english, hence the 1033

unfortunately this setup does not produce an extra button yet the search box itself would search sharepoint site by default.  It would be nice to have that button again.

Follow up question, is it possible to search a specific list generated in sharepoint or even wiki.
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Anti-MhzAuthor Commented:
setting up group policy with proper link to wss, in this case using server2, instead of wss was the right answer
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