Pc will shutdown after 15 mins

I have cleaned out the pc for dust and such. Power Options are all set to never, the CPU fan is working. Any suggestions
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check your temperature. It seems your CPU is getting to hot and them your system automatically shuts down.

If you are using Windows XP, then download SPEEDFAN. Check your temperatures for 15 minutes and see if they go higher then 75 degrees celcius...if so, most likely your protected system kicks in and shuts down your PC.

You can also check your temperatures in the Hardware monitor in your BIOS.
Your cpu heatsink may need to be removed, old thermal paste cleaned off with rubbing alcohol and a small amount of new thermal paste applied.  Make sure there is good metal-to-metal contact between the cpu and heatsink, and make sure your case has good airflow coming in and going out.
lillebnerAuthor Commented:
I should add the pc seats in an armoire but it has been in there for 1 year but has just started doing this in the last month. The side panel with fan has been removed because it seems to be drawing in a lot of dust, so the pc has an open side. The issue is still happening regardless.
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lillebnerAuthor Commented:
Will try your suggestions.
1. Have you added any new items to your machine recently?
2. If you turn the machine on and leave it (dont do anything on it) does the machine still shutdown after 15 mins?

If you answer to 1 is no then stay with the temperature trouble shooting as mentioned above.  If yes - shutdown system remove new items and restart and see if it continues.
If you answered no to 2 then i believe that you could have a power issue.  if your power supply is failing then you will hit a load maximum where the power supply is not able to supply enough power to your system and will shutdown.  this is often caused by power outages etc. where the computer does not have a surge protector attached.

You can also monitor the temperature of your system from the BIOS - depending on the motherboard.  See if you can enter the BIOS and review the temperature monitor for 15 mins and see if it shuts down then.  If it does it is definitely a hardware issue, if it doesnt then it could be a software issue.
install speedfan to monitor the temperature : http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php

it can also be caused by bad capacitors, on the mobo, PS,  or other components
you can also test by disconnecting devicees : extra disk oand cd drives, add on cards, or by disabling them in the bios
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
Try installing Throttlewatch


and see if the CPU is actually showing any signs of thermal distress.  If not, then this can be discarded as a hypothesis and the problem can be looked for elsewhere.
lillebnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your suggestions
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