How do I configure Layer-3 Wake on Lan on Juniper SSG140


I have a problem with a SSG140 and Wake on Lan.

The problem is, that I can`t get Layer-3 Wake-On-LAN (WOL) to work across a Juniper ScreenOS firewall.

I have a policy which allows everything

Without Juniper (works fine)

Altirisserver 10.111.x.x (wol server) sending packets to x-side on Selma
Vlan 111 (
Router  routes til
Vlan 112 (
Client PC (10.112.1.x)

With Juniper (doesn`t work)

Altirisserver 10.111.x.x (wol server) sending packets to a-side (10.211.3.x)
Vlan 111 (
Router  unkown routes to
Vlan 110 (
Juniper trust-VR Eth0/8 (
Juniper a-side VR Eth0/9 ( Policy allows everything from Altiris t0 10.211.3.x
Vlan 211 (
Client PC (10.211.3.x)

Everything else from Altiris til a-side clients is working fine, so there is connection through.

I have created at static arp entry "set arp ffffffffffff interface eth0/9"
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flem10Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi rsivanandan,

I did find the problem.

It was not related to Juniper or switch configuration.

There was a problem with the Altiris server, which I wasn`t aware of.
After talking to a colleague of mine, he told me that he had seen this problem in another situation.

He gave me a small WoL utility (mc-wol.exe), and with this I could get the client up & running.

Anyway, thank you for posting your comment.
Pass the traffic and get the output of 'get db str' and post it here.

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