Is it possible for an application (done with C# wpf) to capture signals from a remote control?

Iam using a smart board in my class for teaching. Iam using a program that I have developed with c# (Wpf environement) . this program offers sometimes quizzes' and my students(each of them) should select one from the 4 availale answers when they are setting against the screen.
Is there any technology which enables my program to capture the choices of the students through the use of devices (similar to remote controle).
bish wakimAsked:
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NetworkMonkeyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Smart have thier own solution for this, called SMART response.

The software that comes with it handles the displaying of questions on screen and then these handsets are given out to the pupils and they just punch in the answer and everything gets recorded.
Does this sound like the kind of thing you're after?

As for creating this kind of application, that'd honestly be a bit beyond me.
bish wakimAuthor Commented:
I have already developed an application that can handle what I need once I get the  answers of my pupils. "Smart responce is good"  for some one who uses  the related software(Notebook10) of Smart .
 What I realy need is a way to get the choices the pupils made(a nubmer from 1 to 4)  for the exposed question into my application, as it's done  when a mouse is clicked or  keyboard button is pressed.
I hope you can help!
bish wakimAuthor Commented:
I have just been informd that the SMART response you proposed can help me with what Iam planning to do
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