SBS 2008 Outlook credentials and Outlook out of office

Hi Experts, I have an SBS2008 installation performed in the usual way with the relevant wizzards run. It is using a self signed CERT which has worked fine on other installations. However on this partilcur one, Outlook 2007 constantsly prompts for username and password even though the machines are joined to the domain and can access the server correctly. In additional to his the Out of office comes up with the message "Your out of office message cannot be displayed the server is currently unavailable"
I have the exchange BPA on two different sites (one that works Ok and this one and it reports the same .... I see there are many topics on this but can somebody please advise as why SBS 2008 in this instance is behaving in this way thanks in advance
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Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There have been many recent reports of Outlook 2007, with SBS 2008, continuously requesting the user re-enter their credentials. In many cases this can be resolved by installing or re-installing Exchange 2007 update rollup 9. It can be found in the following link.
Updated link outlining the problem and possible upates causing the problem.
Check autodiscover entries and URL's are configured correctly.

This indicates either a DNS issue or invalid name in your SCP (service connection point).


Rob WilliamsCommented:
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cancukAuthor Commented:
HI Experts just waiting for confirmation from customer But i beleive this has solved the problem

once I receive confirmation I can assign the points

cancukAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much this sorted the problem immediately
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Good to hear cancuk. Thanks,
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