Removing WebSphere Keys on AIX


I have installed WAS 6.1 ND on AIX server using cygwin.
Due to some permission issues I am forced to re-install the WAS.
Miskakenly while uninstalling the WAS, I have deleted the WebSphere folder instead of running uninstaller.
Now I am trying to install the WAS again using cygwin but its not accepting the previous path (/opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer) for fresh installation.
Its saying "use diff. path or install manually"

It seems the problem is with the registry keys residing on the AIX.

can any body let me know how to remove the registry keys for WebSphere


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woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
this will involve multiple steps.
1) Remove installp references to the software:
  • Issue lslpp -l | grep "WS" . If it's only WAS ND, you will most probably only find things starting with WSN...
  • Note all package names displayed by the above command (the first column up to the first dot, if any)
  • Remove these packages by issuing installp -u -g pkg1 pkg2 pkg3 ...  (e.g. installp -u -g WSNAA WSNACAA )
    • (or use smitty remove pkg1 pkg2 ...)
  • Reply y to all prompts
  • Note - It might be that this part will not run successfully, since some uninstall routines are missing. Continue anyway!
2) Make sure that you actually removed all the product directories under /opt/IBM/WebSphere
3) Remove product references in
  • The file is located in /usr/lib/objrepos/
    • It is used to track installed components.
    • Sometimes the file is located directly under /.
  • Make a backup copy of /usr/lib/objrepos/
  • Edit /usr/lib/objrepos/ using vi
  • Delete all lines containing either WS.....61... in the first field or /opt/IBM/WebSphere... in one of the following fields.
    • The dots stand for whichever character!
  • Save the file
4) You should now be ready to reinstall to the same location.
RishiBangAuthor Commented:
Hi wmp,
Sorry for the delayed reply.
First of all thanks for the detailed explanation. Using your information along with the following technote I am able to remove my broken WebSphere Installation and did the fresh installation
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