Keyloggers requested by client for workplace. Need recommendations

I have now had 2 or 3 clients asking about keyloggers. I am very aware of the ways to remove spyware and malware that may include keylogger detection.  However, I have never gone out and looked for this type of software.  I need some recommendations on key loggers for an office environment (few computers) based on usability, cost, and detectability.

Any suggestions appreciated.  I googled it but want recommendations from products people have used and liked.

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EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
This is the best available

The last time I answered a similar question on EE the question was deleted by moderators!

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authen-techAuthor Commented:
Thanks that you mention it, I have heard of this software several times now.  I am looking into it!

Ditto on spectorsoft.  It is pretty flexible and it's various captures are pretty useful.  I thought I'd mention it gets detected by some antispyware products including freely downloadable products, so it wouldn't hurt to make sure people are aware of a company policy allowing this before you use it.
authen-techAuthor Commented:
I tested this with my spyware and antivirus products and neither detected it.  Nice!

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