Problems with redirected folders on SBS2008 and windows 7

I just upgraded an SBS2003 to sbs2008, it went pretty smooth. One of the issues I have after the fact is the one Windows 7 user. We have the "(my) documents" folder redirected to the personal drive of the users, after the migration, his my pictures folder shows "my pictures" from his pc to his personal drive, but the folder on the server is the vista/windows7 "pictures" folder. All the data is still there, but I can't get his account to "see" the pictures folder.

I've recreated all the GPO's that deal with folder redirection. New logon scripts. I've verified his settings in AD. We aren't using DFS paths or anything different, just regular shares. he has full permissions on the share and in ntfs.. etc etc.

the only thing I haven't done is recreate his roaming profile. He is the CEO of the company and He finally got his machine working the way he wants, so I don't want to have to put him through a profile rebuild if possible. I am granting 500 points as I can't find anything in TechNet or Google, and a verified "seen this, do this answer" will get all the points. No "did you reboot" suggestions please.
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SafetyNet-TCConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
They are not set to follow in the current GPO's but were on the old ones. The GPO is set  for documents to redirect to users home folder, home folders are set to \\servername\username$

I've even tried changing the paths in the registry. The weird part is that the actual folders in the "library" in windows 7 say they are not redirected. and I can't get his home drive to sync due to his crazy long file names. But still when i view his folder as another user with rights to, I see a folder with the name of "pictures" with his pictures in it. but he see's a non-existent "my pictures' with access denied when he tries to click on it.  It should just show as a another folder in his home drive. I'm going to create a new folder and call it something simple and move the data into that for now. Though I sill want to get this fixed.
The Music, Pictures and Videos folders are set to "Follow the Documents folder"? Default I believe. Personally I've had to change properties "file location" for the Music, Pictures, and Videos folder to point to the home folder locations on the server share.

Are you using in Documents properties - Target tab Basic - Redirect everyone's folder to the same location and Target folder location as Redirect to the user's home directory?

Just a personal suggestion I never user Roaming Profiles when using Folder Redirection.

Also home folder location should be something like: \\server\users\username\Documents

Darius GhassemCommented:
Please read this tech article.
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