rights to see the local computer certificates store

we have an application which is requiring access to the Local Computer Certificates store. Of course if this app is running under administrator credentials everything is fine, but we need to restrict this to a specific user.
Is there any way to give rights on this Certificates Store for a specific user OR what rights shall I asign to that user in order to see the Certificate Stores?
Many thanks for any idea/help/suggestion,
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meugenAuthor Commented:
it seems that this is working only as administrator...this is by design
Could this be adapted to help you at all??

It talks about granting the local ASPNET account access to certificate private keys?


Take a look and see if it gives you any ideas perhaps? I'm a little out of my usual areas with Certificate stores, so it's only an idea... :)

meugenAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your answer, but i've tried and i cant see any Windows ACL for any certificate...(as is described in the article)
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