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One person getting NDR and messages are delayed in queue - Exchange 2003

Hello all,

I have 1 person in our office that is unable to send to a particular office we deal with. I tracked the messages she sends and my test messages and mine go right through, but hers sit in the queue (thiers/ours?) and eventually times out and gives her an NDR:

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

      Subject:      Canceled: Cancelled Plan Development Committee

The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

      Clara R********* on 1/7/2010 9:04 AM
            Could not deliver the message in the time limit specified.  Please retry or contact your administrator.
            <mail.******.org #4.4.7>

      Pam Jeffre on 1/7/2010 9:04 AM
            Could not deliver the message in the time limit specified.  Please retry or contact your administrator.
            <mail.*******.org #4.4.7>

Again, the rest of our users can send to these addresses, just not this one person.

Thank you in advance for your assistance,
1 Solution
First try this: Close Outlook, click Start->Run, type Outlook /cleanprofile
If that doesn't do the trick then recreate the Outlook profile. Profile corruption is the source of many strange behaviours in Outlook.
You may first want to save away the address cache (the .nk2 file) which contains the addresses the user has prevoiusly sent successfully. You find the .nk2 file here (XP):
C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
(Vista: C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook)
If you do not know how to recreate a profile: http://www.howto-outlook.com/faq/newprofile.htm
After recreating the profile you can restore the .nk2 file to the same location assuming you used the same name for the new Outlook profile.
another thing you may want to try is having this person send a message to these recipients using outlook web access
rmooney01Author Commented:
Peak, you just handed me some info I didn't know with the saving recent addresses.
Since my original request for help, an email was sent from this pc by typing the address in manually to the address that was getting delayed and underliverable. This mail went through after a short period of time. I asked the user to try this again the next time she sends mail to that location, if the mail goes through again with the manual process I assume there is something corrupted or wrong with her contacts she created?

I'll create the new profile and have her use OWA and see where that gets us.

Thank you,

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