Outlook asking for password for remote.domain


I've setup SBS 2008 and everything seems to be working OK including rww and owa but I'm having a problem with outlook on each internal workstation.

Outlook will send and recieve OK but it keeps asking for a password and the worrying thing is that it says its trying to connect to remote.MyDomain.com.

even if i put the password in it still pops up.
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tonyjobConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
thanks peakpeak, I tried your suggestion but I had no luck. I managed to find a lot of people with the sameproblem and the fix was to install roolup 9 update for exchange. I did this and it killed my server...

rww and owa stopped working and i was unable to uninstall rollup 9.

luckily it was a new server with nothing on so i reinstalled it from scratch. i've since installed rollup 9 again and everything seems to be OK this time.
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