Windows Deployment Services having multiple answer files for different OSs

 We have a couple different Operating Systems on our network. XP, Server, windows 7, vista...
How does windows deployment services know or how do I configure a deployment to use certain answer files as opposed to others?  

Yes ive created an answer file with setupmgr.exe.
  To make this more confusing what if 1/2 my xp machines used a different key code. Do I create two different unattended anser files and images? How does it know which answer file to take?

My directions just tell me to save a sysprep.inf file in C:\sysprep\

I dont want to enter the code in manaully on every computer i reimage
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RoodonaConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
right click on image
select properties
select check box at bottom that says "Allow image to install in Unattended mode"
click button "Select File"
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RoodonaAuthor Commented:
to bad I cant give myself 500points
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