I cant convert and kind of possible option to my ESXI 4 server

I am trying to use "VMware Converter Standalone Client" to convert a Windows 2003 R2 image from "Acronis True Image Echo Server", the process was make by boot CD, i tested the Image (.tib) and its working perfectly.

The "VMware Converter Standalone Client" dont give me a option to convert it to a file in "X:\" type location, it only give me a option to connect to my ESXI 4 server and save the converted virtual machine there, but its not connected to my server,  and the server is on and working.

I tried in STEP 1 picture to convert a VMware Server 2 Virtual Machine to my ESXI, the result was the same, its say that cant connect, the login and password are correct, i checked it step by step, i also disabled all firewalls.

I am truly lost here.

What i need to do?

Thanks Experts.

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coolsport00Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Is the host you're trying to 'save it' to ESXi? I had the same 'authentication' problem, and what I had to do (not sure why) was create a separate user acct, with localadmin and root "memberships" using the vSphere Client (connected to the ESXi host). Then, I assigned that user the Administrator permission under the Permissions tab. I then used that acct with the Converter Standalone tool.

After you authenticate, you'll get another screen to choose where to place your image.

Hope that helps.

DUX_NEKRONAuthor Commented:
Yes, i am trying to save in ESXi, (4.0u1) and i only can do that, i dont have another option... not so good is this Convert Client.
I created a user that have Administrator power (in Permission tab) and it is in root group.
I successful log in vSphere with root powers.
But when i go to Convert, the 'authentication' problem continues as the same like root.

DUX_NEKRONAuthor Commented:
So do I, i dont know why this happens, but after created a user and tried 3-4 times this same user with root privilege, it works, "after the first success attempt, it always go OK, but just when the VMware Converter is open... in new session is still necessary try 3-4 times to work...
Thanks very much  
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