usb to parallel printer

I have been using a printer with a parallel port and an older comp with a parallel output.  That machine died and I have a new machine without a parallel port.  The printer does not have a USB port.  The first machine ran XP SP2 and the new machine WIN7.  

I've purchased a usb to parallel cable.  What next?

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You probably need the drivers for your printer. There might be windows 7 drivers but if not try the vista driver. Most of those adapters don't need drivers. you just need to plug it into the printer and PC. Then click on start and devices and printers. Add a new printer and the wizard should find it.
You will need to find a drvier that will make the printer work through that cable.  What's the brand/model of the printer?
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
My experience indicates that murgroup is correct.  For XP or later, connect the  USB to printer adapter and the operating system will recognize it, no drivers required.  It will then show up as an available printer port.  It may be necessary to manually assign the port to the printer after the printer driver is installed.
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