Mapped drives not getting mapped via logon script

I have a setup where the DC and F&P servers are seperate using roaming profiles. Win 2k3 Server & XP clients.
One user and only that one user has a failure to map network drives when she logs on to any workstation. Eventviewer records event ID's 104 and 1085 with a reason of "Access Denied".  Once logged in you can manually map the two drives with no problem, no security issues, no password requests, nothing.

I only had about 20 mins left at work to look at this and never quite got my head around it.

Any thoughts or ideas on the possible cause to give me head start in the morning?


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Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadAsked:
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Neil RussellConnect With a Mentor Technical Development LeadAuthor Commented:
Its not on any particular computer, she has a roaming profile, it affects all PC's she uses

check the anti-virus, is it updated and has  the computer been scanned at safe mode?? first you must eliminate the virus option.

had you have the computer re-joined the domain? is the computer running on roaming profile? check the permission on the roaming directory if so, how is the NIC set, static or dynamic ip?
if you run
net use \\domainname\ipc$ /u:username(user NOT admin)  password  
do you see a successful result?
try connecting to share by domain's ip, does it work?


It sounds like the roaming profile is not getting mapped or as it states she does not have permissions to those folders paths you are trying to map or are apart of the correct security groups. As well reset the users profile and try to log into the computer and see if that fixes. Is she still apart of the Domain Users in AD? Try a few these things and let me know.. it should be something basic, I have had a couple of these issues and the problem that the user no longer had access to her own roaming profile you may need to rename the old roaming profile and have it recreate the connection as well..
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Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadAuthor Commented:
Perhaps i never explained fully. Her roaming profile loads, it is a couple of network mappings that are controlled by the login script and network security and permissions that fail. her profile updates fine, loads fine, saves fine.
BUT if you manualy try and map the two network drives using windows explorer after she has loged on, it works fine, no errors!
Make more sense? or less? :P
was her computer recently re-installed, and how do you map the drive in your script please?
Previously were the drives mapping okay or is this something that has been happening the entire time with your script or implementation of roaming profiles?

- Do you use the same log on script for multiple people? If so then obviously it would not be your script because it is only effecting this one user unless she is the only getting these specific drives but by the sounds of it multiple users are mapped to the same drives without any problems. If this is the case start with some of the basic things like I listed above:

- Check AD account to make sure she has all the proper permissions to the file shares that you are mapping to as well on the physical folder
- try resetting the users password.
- Can you please humour and check the directory where you have your roaming profiles directed to and check the last modified date
after logging off the user, on AD user properties point to a newly  created folder (give permissions to the folder too) and log the user back on and check, if it's working then copy my documents, favorites and desktop folders from the roaming profile on the server  to the new roaming profile folder (even archive folders if needed) .
it will take less time then troubleshooting and most likely will solve other problems as well.

Good luck.
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