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I have a Windows Server 2K3 as a Terminal Server, two users logon there for work everyday.  And they run the same Great Plains Dynamics under their own user profile.  And they would generate report and sending it through email.

However; one user prefer to use Outlook Express while another one want to use Outlook 2003.  Both have been in this server.

I went Tools | Internet Options | Programs in Internet Explorer to set the Microsoft Outlook as a default email program to be used, but in this case; the user who was using Outlook Express affected.  When this user bring up the email client program, she got the Outlook 2003 open, not Outlook Express.

Is there any way to let one user use Outlook 2003 while another one using Outlook Express while they are connecting to Terminal Sever.
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davorinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I will not give you an answer, sorry.
I just wanted to say that outlook express is not the type of program I would recommed for business use.
Its database gets corrupted far more frequently and recovering data from there is really annoying.
And for user there is not so big difference between the programs.
I would try to persuade the user to start using outlook 2003.
KANEWONGAuthor Commented:
answer is acceptable but not very technical.
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