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How will changing drives affect RAID5

Hello Experts.

I have an interesting question I am hoping someone can shed some light on.  I have a Sun blade x6240 with an Adaptec RAID Expansion Module.  There are four 146G drives configured in a RAID5 array.  There is one logical drive set up.

I want to increase my storage capacity, and my question is, what will happen if I do the following:

Remove one 146G drive, and replace it with a 300G drive and let the RAID array rebuild.
Remove another 146G drive, and replace it with a 300G drive and let the RAID array rebuild.
And so on, until all four drives are 300G drives.

I am assuming that the system will now show that there is one logical drive that is 435G with 435G drive space as unpartitioned.

Am I correct in this assumption?

Thanks in advance for any information on this.
1 Solution
Yes, that is how it should end up.  You will have to expand the partition in order to use all the space, or create another logical drive from the unused space.  The rebuild may also take a while, going through all four drives, and the array will be in degraded state while it is being rebuilt.

If you can afford the downtime, you can backup the array offline, remove the array, replace all the drives with the higher capcity ones, create the array, and then restore the backup to the new array.
CanHasCheezburgerAuthor Commented:
Thank you!

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