Finder Error code -61

When trying to drag files from an external USB hard drive to the Trash, I get the following:

The operation could not be complete because an unexpected error occurred. Error code -61
I'm using Snow Leopard.

Any ideas?

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That error says you can't write to the disk. By any chance is the USB drive formatted as NTFS? Macs can read from, but not write to NTFS volumes.
greghollAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay in responding. I'm assuming you're right. The Hard Drive is from a PC.
You can find out how it is formatted by highlighting the drive and typing Command-i (For GetInfo).

If you are going to use the drive solely in a Mac, use disk utility to reformat it to Mac Extended Format (Journalled). If you want to use in on both a Mac and a PC, format it as FAT32.

Reformatting will, of course, erase the drive.
greghollAuthor Commented:
Great! Thanks loads!!
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