Can't Connect Windows 7 Pro to Windows 2000 Shares

I have a windows 7 PC that can access all shares on Windows 2003 servers and XP machines with no problems. The problem is that when I attempt to access a Windows 2000 server, it asks me for the network password, when I enter it is keeps on coming back with "Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password."
I can RDP into the Windows 2000 server, I can ping them, just can't access shares or resources. This must be something to do with Windows 7 and Windows 2000.
Can someone please help.
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I wrote this for vista back in the day, but it works for windows 7 and windows 2000 shares:
samjudAuthor Commented:
The entry LmCompatibilityLevel is not there. I'm assuming that I should add it (a DWORD value)?
samjudAuthor Commented:
The only thing to add is that if the registry value is not there, you must add it manually.
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