Outlook Calendar displays in mail tab.

I am trying to fix an Outlook 2007 problem. When you click on the Outlook Calendar shortcut at the bottom left corner it displays the calendar but highlights the mail tab and displays mail folders on the left. The Calendar also shows up in the "All Mail Items" list when I am in the mail tab. I am talking about the "All Mail Items" list in the mail tab, not the "All Outlook Items" list. IIt is as though the Calendar thinks that it's a Mail folder. Any help would be appreciated.
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Something like this might have happened:

Choose Folder view and right click Calendar in that view. Now choose Open in New Window.

If you then close the program by File > Exit it will be remembered until next time.

View your Outlook Inbox and Calendar at the same time
jtbvlAuthor Commented:
Ok, it has temporarily started working again when Outlook was restarted last time, so I'm going to watch it for a day or so to make sure it continues working before I call it fixed.
If the user just had this view and did not use File > Exit it would not be saved if the user restarted.

Please give us some updates, I am pretty sure something like my tips might have happened.
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