How do I get all documents in every document library (MOSS Sharepoint 2007) to open in a new window?

I would like all of my documents from document libraries to open in a new window by default. Is there a way to do this? Thanks.
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raybiesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In answer to your question, the answer is: no this is not possible.

You can always instruct your users to press "shift" before clicking or you could add some javascript to loop through the links and append a "target=_blank" attribute and remove the onclick event...

Also read this:

Not the same but similar.
In a way, yes.

1.- Create your "new window" page in the root site.
2.- Add a content query web part
3.- Set it to query all document libraries
4.- Filter created by [me]
5.- Set row limit.
ivaarsenAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input. This is for all document libraries (and they are already created by people) and there are already links set up to them.  There will be more libraries added and this feature should already apply to them when they are created.

I would prefer not to have a new page or new web part to use for all of these, although this might work if we needed it to.
ivaarsenAuthor Commented:
We ended up accomplishing this by editing the onet file. this only works for sites created after the change. We ended up re building the sub sites and moveing the doc libs.
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