Unable to install Team Explorer.

Detail error message is attached,please help me figure out why i am unable to install it by seeing the error log message.

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AnilKumarSharmaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There may be couple of reasons, like you are installing from CD that is partially damaged so the file that is critical is damaged. It may be due to you have one or more stand-alone versions of office xp OR It is possible if you have beta versions of some components from a previous install. Try to use the Microsoft Windows Installer CleanUp Utility to remove the stand-alone programs. Office XP. Look at
It may be due to because VSIDE.exe is rather large and it seems some of the files in that archive are copied around some temp directories and it is either not copied due to above or some antivirus may block it.so try to disable the antivirus and try again to install to filter out the exact cause.

zonate_toasterAuthor Commented:
Not installing it from CD,downloading from internal sharepoint link.
I have installed Cleanup Utility but not able to understand,how to use it and uninstall if any component is installed from previous install,I have to run this many times with no luck since last one week.Please help me get to the real issue and resolve it.Your solution is highly appreciated.
No need to worry your installation will be successful. Just be careful while performing the task and notice the things. There may be problem in link or source there so that it is breaking in between. Also dont forget to disable the antivirus that may be breaking the things in between. So better to copy the setup locally and then try to install. You may have try to remove all .net component and all beta version and legacy .net components etc as new versions like .net framework will install with your vs team edition installation. In addition to this you have to figure out yourself what other components (legacy) are there. Dont assume that this is the only reason for failure in installation. This is just one of the reason that may cause failure. Like just disable the antivirus and try to install again afresh. May be this will just suffice.
First get latest version of Windows Installer CleanUp Utility from microsoft
Second disable your antivirus.
Third try to copy the source to your local machine where installtion is failing, if you have enough space.
Finally When you use Windows Installer CleanUp Utility, you can perform the following functions:
Select one or more programs that were installed by Windows Installer from the Windows Installer CleanUp dialog box.

To do this, select the programs that you want in the Installed Products list in the Windows Installer CleanUp dialog box. After you make this selection, the utility removes only Windows Installer configuration information that is related to those programs.
Remove all Windows Installer information associated with the selected programs. This includes the entries for the programs in the Add Or Remove Programs item in Control Panel. Be aware that only the Installer information for that particular program is removed, not the files.

Please let us know what the problem you are facing in performing these steps. How to use cleanup utility can be there in the provided site. If anything is not clear then what is that?
You run it many times!!! for what ? what you are trying to uninstall. Remember that Windows Installer CleanUp Utility does not perform the following functions:
Remove Windows Installer
Remove files of any programs that are installed by Windows Installer, such as Microsoft Office 2003.

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