Cannot Create Certificate Request in IIS 7

I have a new installation of IIS7 on Windows 2008 Web Server Edition. I have navigated to the Features View of the web site in IIS, but the icon for Server Certificates is not present. When I group by Category, there are 5 icons in Security: .NET Roles, .NET Trust Levels, .NET Users, Authentication & SSL Settings, but not Server Certificates.

This web site is currently active with SSL on a different server using IIS6.  I am going to shut it down and use the new server after I receive the new cert from a different CA.

Any ideas?
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Tray896Connect With a Mentor Commented:
They moved where the certs are now in IIS 7.  You have to configure it at the server level, not the website.  Open IIIS Manager and click on your server name.  You'll see an icon for the Server Certificates feature.  That is where you need you configure SSL certs now.
For a visual of this, check out this article and click on the IIS Manager link to see how its done through the UI:
4ncidAuthor Commented:
Thank you Tray896. I had just figured out I was clicking on the Site Name instead of the Server in the left pane. Doh!
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