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MS ISA Server 2004 Cache - Only want to cache one website

Hello all,

I'm running MS ISA Server 2004 SP3 on a Win2003 box. My goal is to only cache our main corporate site because it is 50-60% of our bandwidth daily. The site only has static content used by our call center to aid customers. I applied the settings shown in the attached file. The problem is that my "Real Time Network monitor" and the "ISA Server Cache Directory" tool on the server shows it caches many sites and updates them all the time. It is killing my bandwidth because it is always updating.

I have two cache rules. One for our main site to download. Another "Default Rule" that i unchecked the "Cache Http" box on.

I also created a "Content Download Jobs" for the main site. I believe that is correct.

What did I do wrong and how can i resolve this problem so that it only caches the corporate site every two hours and not everything all the time?
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Hi danborwn1888,
your self-made rule looks quite nice.
Try to deactivate (or delete) the default rule 'completely' and clear the cache!
It should work!
Had a similar setup on my old ISA2006, which worked great for me.

Regards Dave

First LastAuthor Commented:

Actually - I think I've misunderstood you and the material online until just now. I Manually went in and deleted the Cache file called Dir1.cdat. That helped out a lot, because now there is only one site as shown in the photo. I think that is what you meant.

Also, I set the "content download job" to "Do not follow links outside of the specified URL Domain Name". This is one reason why it was downloading anything and everything.

 I've forced downloaded the site several more times. It isn't grabbing anymore data. For some reason it only downloaded some of the following file types: jpg, gif, and pdf. What is strange is that say under one url there are 7 pdf files. It will only grab one. I tried manually browsering to those sites in hopes of caching the data but that didn't work.

Why isn't it also downloading the all the other pdf files and html files? I checked the url of the pdf files and html files. They are all under the same domain and often under the same path. I don't have limits enabled on file sizes.
First LastAuthor Commented:
I learned you need to be patient when using Cache Rules and Content Download jobs. The tool from MS called "ISA Server Cache Directory Tool" or the cache itself isn't updated very fast. The configurations were nearly all correct. What I did was let everything sit over night and into the next day. I came back and found cacheing works very well. I'm averaging about 20% hit success when I compare the bandwidth used on the incoming / outgoing nics.

Also, when using cache settings for "Content Download Jobs" under the properties for your download job select "Do not follow link outside of the specified URL Domain Name". Initially I had this selected and it was downloading gigabytes of data from linked sites. In most situations I find this not to be necessary.

For all your people new to ISA. Go to the Configuration -> General -> Define HTTP Compression Preferences. This will do wonders for access speed to key sites.

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