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When I do a Google search with IE 8 there are some links that appear -- one is the "advertiser sponsored" one at the top of the result set and the others are those special premium links of "quality sites" on the far right.  When I hover over them with IE, the URL for them does not show up on the IE status bar at the very bottom.  The properties of these links are not true URL links.  Is there a way, with IE8, not Firefox, etc. to turn this on or off -- either as an option, an addin from a trusted source, etc.  
harry-you-da-manCo-Owner (with son Andrew M. Stein)Asked:
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Joshua TitsworthDigital Marketing SpecialistCommented:
You may find this link helpful it won't help you turn on/off the status bar, but explains what its purpose is and some concerns others have about it. Currently there isn't a way to turn it on/off:
harry-you-da-manCo-Owner (with son Andrew M. Stein)Author Commented:
Thanks.  Great article leading to many other ones!
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