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Blackberry PIN messages


I have read that PIN messages are a form of sending messages between devices avoiding the local Messaging infrastructure (e.g. Exchange).

I guess this is really useful for testing BES issues, but I am not sure what it would actually mean if say User1 could not recv emails on his BB device, but someone was able to send him a PIN message from another Blackberry?

Secondly, is it possible to send PIN messages directly from the BES console (we are running on BES 4.1.6)?

Thanks in advance.
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A PIN # is like a MAC address on a computer, when you send a PIN message it is an unencrypted message that goes across the network (BES can set encryption on it but this can cause problems)... PIN Messages bypass everything and can be used to test network connectivity without going through the users BES....  In the latest versions of BES Pin messages can be tracked....

I user1 can receive PIN messages but not BES that would mean that his phone is working correctly, best way to get him back on would be to set back up his account by typing his e-mail and password again on his phone... this will set a new encryption key for him and it should work...  If not you could always re-load the OS, but basically the PIN means that he is communicating with the Cell network and Blackberry network correctly...

As far as I know you can't send PIN messages from the BES console, they may have changed this in the latest version but several websites do offer the ability to send PIN messages....

FYI, Blackberry messenger also uses PIN for communication....
Of course you can send messages from BES, simply right click any user and select send message. Then you choose if you want to send via email or pin. You can select one or more users even all of them.
Blackberry messenger works the same way, not only via pin.
finally, as said above, you can pin from BB to BB even without bes, you just need a BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) option set up on your mbile plan. So that means that communication between two blackberry can work even if BES is not working
kam_uk, if a user is unable to receive emails but can receive PIN-to-PIN messages fine, then it proves that:
- connectivity from blackberry to carrier network is fine
- user has correct data plan on sim card
- connectivity from blackberry to blackberry relay is fine

That leaves the "other" side of the relay to troubleshoot. I.e:
- firewall/internet pipe to blackberry relay
- BES to firewall and hence to relay
- Messaging server to BES

PIN-to-PIN isn't a complete troubleshooting tool - there are several others in the blackberry resource kit to help with that - but is good for ensuring that the user hasn't done something silly (like switch off the cellular radio!).

Hope that helps.
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kam_ukAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys

Thanks for your input.

Therefore, would I be correct in saying that if I was in a situation where a user said he couldn't send/recv emails on his BB, but he could succesfully send/recv PIN messages, then this would indicate that:

i) The SIM card has the correct data plan
ii) His network coverage for BES services is fine
iii) The device itself is working fine

Leaving problems with his actual BES account, messaging server, or the BES server itself (i.e. all in-house stuff)?

Also - I can see an option to send PIN messages from the BES - this indicates that BES to device connectivity using SRP is fine?
Yes that's correct. Sending messages from the BES is a good indicator (although not the only - you can check the SRP status from the BES itself too)
Yes, you are correct.  It would be a BES problem.

Seeing the option in BES just would mean bes has his PIN # stored.  It would not be checking connection.

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