SQL 2008 express setup question

Ok this sounds really stupid. I set up SQL Express 2008, on other setups it asked me for an instance name or showed the default. This time, the only prompt was for password for the sa login.

I don't think I have any server instance as when I choose the dropdown arrow on server, browse feature nothing is shown in the local area, but I don't know how to and a local server instance.

Still I attempted to try some default server names.
1) local
2) SQLExpress
3) mycomputername\local  (Wendalaptop\local)

no go..  So can anyone tell me how I can create a new Server name..

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moosetrackerAuthor Commented:
got it..

mycomputername\SQLExpress.. I saw it when I tried the "Import and Export data" program.

Why would this not show up in the browse for servers local area..?

Did you try as server names

go to start - SQL Server Managemnt Studio - configuration tool - sql server configuration tool  -

once thats starts , look at the SQL Server services

if you see something like this

SQL Server (SQLExpress)   -- check if its started.

the name inside the brackets is your instance name and u need to use   "localhost\sqlexpress" to connect to it.

Also start the sql browser service..

moosetrackerAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I see info stateing these choices would be logical, but those did not work with me. Only WendaLaptop\SqlExpress  is the winner..

I need Express to do some work at home, and the express worked find. But now I just purchased a Developers edition to SQL so I can practice BI at home, rather then trying to find time at work which never materializes. Did not realize there was an edition that would give me the functionality of Enterprise at such a low price... $26 dollars!!!  Perhaps these suggestions will help after that is delivered and I install it.

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