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exec hangs up

i am trying to execute exec 1 > somefile.log but it just hangs and when i issue ctrl+z and ctrl+c it is not working.Please explain what does exec 1 > somefile.log 2<$l  do? and also explain why does process wont kill when i ssue ctrl+z or ctrl+c comand when it hangs.
1 Solution
the exec command is used for redirection of file descriptors. File descriptor 1 is stdout (standard output stream).
exec 1> /some/file redirects all standard output to the specified file instead of the terminal.
Note - it's very important not to leave a space between "1" and ">", else the shell would try to execute "1" as a command.
Your problems might be related to that extra space. Is there an executable "1" somewhere in your path? Normally the shell would say " 1:  not found."
2<$I doesn't make sense at all. What is "$I"? A variable? I guess you wanted to write "&1". File descriptor 2 is stderr (the standard error output stream). "<" is used to redirect input. With 2<1 you redirect stdout to stderr, while you previously redirected stdout to a file.
I assume you actually want to redirect stderr to the same target as stdout (somefile.log in your case). The usual notation for this is 2>&1, but the version 2<&1 will work, too.
ctrl-c not working might be related to the extra space between ">" and "1". Omit that space and see what happens.

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