Hardware Requirements to deploy Business Objects Enterprise (including it's modules)

Hi, I don't know much about Business Objects XI Hardware Requirements for a Big Enterprise (the complete suite):
Infoview  Web portal
Crystal Reports  Desktop; report writer
Crystal Reports Server  Web portal viewer existing Crystal Reports
WebIntelligence  Web; query & analysis of RDBMS
OLAP Intelligence  Web; viewer to 3rd party OLAP cubes
Desktop Intelligence  Desktop; query & analysis
Dashboard Manager  Web; dashboard creation & viewing
Performance Manager  Web; scorecards & goal setting
Intelligent Question  Web; structured Q & A  based BI
Live Office  MSFT Office add-in
Crystal Xcelsius  Interactive Excel, export to other Office products.

Here are the facts:
The main Datawarehouse would hold up to 10 years of history.
There would be Development, Testing, Q&A and production environment
High Availability is Desirable
The company generates 1TB of information monthly.
BO would have about 1000 users.

I dont know how many servers would it need to be deployed (and which applications would be deployed on each one) nor their specs (RAM, HDD, Processors).
Any ideas, approaches or best practices you know?
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carooConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is rather complex but a good starting point would be the XI R2 Sizing Guide available here. There is no public sizing guide available for XI 3.x yet. While the architecture has changed from XI R2 to XI 3.x, it not very different.

In any case, as the document will elaborate, you will need to know the estimated number of concurrent active users. i.e. the number of users that will be actively using the system. Most sizing exercises estimate this to be about 10% of the total number of users.

Also, is this on *nix or Windows? Also,if you have SAP support, they should be able to give you the XI 3.x sizing guide (presumably with an NDA).

Do you know which version of Business Objects this is for? i.e. XI, XI R2 or XI 3.x.
Shimanteko1Author Commented:
It would be XI 3.1

Thanks in advance!
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Shimanteko1Author Commented:
Actually as you state the number of concurrent users would be about 100 to 200.
This would be UNIX.
We dont still have support from SAP, as we are still making calculations before choosing their BI solution; hence we are basing our studies on approximate values (so i guess the XI R2 sizing could work for this).
carooConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes. The XI R2 guide should give you a fair estimate on what is needed.  

One thing to note; your licensing costs can add up rather quickly. You will probably need CPU licenses. Each CPU on a multi-CPU system requires a separate license.On a multi-core system, the first core requires a full CPU license. Each additional core is considered to be .5 CPU.
Shimanteko1Author Commented:
I understand it's really complex to answer a sizing question without previous exerience or similar examples at hand.
The guide proposed by caroo is sufficiently complete to run an analysis and answer the main problem (and hard to find too!).

Thanks =)
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