How to resinstall DNS on Exchange 2003 Domain Controller

I would like to reset my DNS server back to defaults on my windows 2003 domain controller. It is also running exchange. What is the easiest way to do this.
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Why do you want to do this?
If you are getting errors you would be much better off trying to fix them rather than re-installing DNS on a DC that is also running Exchange.

Its not the best idea to run Exchange on a DC (SBS is different) and once it is setup this way you should never try to remove AD and therefore integrated DNS until you have un-installed Exchange off the server.
apart from the fact that a DC shouldn't be running exchange there is no problem at all "resetting" the DNS
 you can simply delete all zones and recreate them.

I am assuming of course that you know if your zones are Active Directory integrated or not, if they have any static record in them etc...

Assuming all you have is one zone (the one of you AD domain) and that you have no static records at all you can simply delete the zone and recreate a new one with the same domain name and enable dynamic updates on it.

Wait and it will get repopulated alone

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