RDP into Windows XP Box - Password

I need to be able to get into my Windows XP Media Center box that's at a remote location. I don't know the password.
I can RDP to the logon screen but since I don't know the password..no dice.
I've searched the internet for software that can help me, even software I'll pay for but can't find anything.
Please, can anyone can help????
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tolinromeConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
solved it myself by actually by going into the office and changing it.
not much you can do if its in a remote location.... If you have access to the physical box, there are some tools you can use to access the HDD and change / extract passwords.
tolinromeAuthor Commented:
There has to be some kid of software or something, no? Even if I can get into the Linksys router, I know the external IP and user/pass but port 80 isn't open on it. Either getting into the box (so I can web access the router) or getting into the router directly would be great.
Welll if you think about it.... The whole idea of being able to do that means that anyone could access any machine on any network? Security would be a nightmare.

The router would need to have the tick box ticked that says "allow external management" or something along those lines.

IF you can get to the username / password screen of the RDP. Try another username....

Such as administrator..... often people forget to put a password in for administrator........  

BUT if you have forgotten the password.... You need to reset it.... whcih involves physically taking out the HDD and tinkering with it while attached to another machine... UNLESS you created that password recovery disk (that no one ever creates!)

tolinromeAuthor Commented:
solved it myself..
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