why does my firefox stall every 10 seconds or so for about 1 second?

I am working on a mac, but i am only used to solving problems on a pc.

How do i go about diagnosing this problem? the problem only affects firefox.
it also affects the ability to write text, stalls videos (but interestingly not sound), and is generally annoying. the problem is not to do with online provider - for example the problem persists when i am watching a youtube video that has already fulled downloaded.

Upon a stall, the activitiy monitor goes up. If i was in windows i would know where to start, but on a mac, this is my first ever trouble shooting!

I am looking for any advice that leads me to solving the problem. thanks!
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May be some buggy/heavy add-on is there. Do you installed the some scripting utility like greasemonkey and scripts?" If so then high chances are that some buggy script is taking time.
Resolution. Disable greasemonkey, check out the monkey sign in status bar (if it is visible) or  and other similar utility and check back. If it is ok then you can identify the scripts that is causing problem. Secondly, you may need to disable the addon from Tools->add on and disable the uneccesary add on.
Marc ZCommented:
figmit, have you also installed the latest Firefox?  Does Safari cause this issue for the same file?  Is Flash updated?  
figmitAuthor Commented:
thanks for the replies. i dont have any odd add ons (i have delicious, zotero, firefly and stumble), also safari works fine and flash is up to date.
Marc ZCommented:
ok, check here and make sure the page option is set to MAC OS and the version of ff that you are running.
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