Are a different number of table indexes a "safe" definition mismatch in Pervasive/Btrieve

I have need to add indexes to a customer's data tables. Since the data access method is Btrieve, each user's program would normally contain the file definition with the new indexes. In my case, many of the programs being written are in the beta stage so we don't wish to put the new program into production. That is, it is best if users continue to use the programs they have on their workstations.

Is it "safe" or accepted practice to add these new indexes to the end of the index list so that the new programs can use it while the old programs (without the index definition) continues to use the table with the previously existing indexes (which will not change)?

In MS Server and MySQL, it's common to add and remove table indexes on the fly. Will this work with Btrieve files? I will actually be adding the indexes with Pervasive SQL, but that should not be a factor.
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It should not be a problem to add indexes after the pre-existing indexes. The only problem that might crop up would be if the file is recreated.  Any additional indexes would need to be recreated as well.  

Adding and removing indexes on the fly is possible but not recommended. When adding / removing indexes, you would want all users out of the system.
digitronAuthor Commented:
Thanks. That's what I need to know. Some of the files are fairly large for Btrieve (5 million+ records) so I want to minimize rebuilds.
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